The other day I was surfing the Internet as usual when I came across a collaboration project created by graphic artist DEX and interior designer Anna Burles called the Literary Map of London. Not only was I struck by its artistic value but I saw a great opportunity presenting itself before me. I have been thinking of starting a book blog for a couple of year now, but I never knew what book to begin with... i needed some guidance and muse, and here it is my map to a book blog like no other. By following the Literary Map of London by Dex and Burles I will begin my journey all over England and hopefully the world. Hello! You can call me Quidnunc. I will be your guide through the world of books that will change your and my life. I will show you cities through the eyes of authors, characters and readers that will intrigue your every breath. 

 See you soon, xoxo The Quidnunc